Thursday, May 24, 2012

Teaching Kids the Fun of Rappelling

WARNING: Do not attempt any rock climbing or rappelling with out a rappelling and climbing safety class!  You need to know your gear to keep you safe!

What kid doesn't love rocks? All kids love rocks, and kids love adventure.  Nothing goes better together than rocks and kids! (Except dirt and mud maybe!)  Kids thrive when there is structure, activity and fun.  Rappelling is the perfect thing to do to get kids outdoors!  Teaching kids to Rappel off a cliff or rock face can be a challenge!  Don't start the learning process on the mountain top.  It can really scare and frighten little adventure, so start someplace safer.  

Beginner Kids Rappelling
  • Start your adventure at a local park, or someplace that has a big hill that has a really good slope to it.  
  • Get in your gear, harness and all. 
  • Attach your rope to a tree or a stable starting point.
  • Show the kids how to back off the hill.  Show them how a person on the lower rope can STOP you from coming down the hill. 
  • 10 year old
    Clip them in and let them feel how the rope feels, how it holds their weight. 
  • Teach them to keep their right hand behind their bottom to control their speed.  Show them how you have to pull it tight to slow them down.  Hold the rope loosely to let the rope go through.
  •  Have them hold the rope tight, and see how far they can lean back towards the ground.
  • Have someone hold the bottom part of the rope and show them how the person below can stop them from decending.
  • Practice until they are completely comfortable with rappelling(going) and stopping the rope.
Medium Kids Rappel:
  • Find a rock face that is short, and is 60-50% of vertical. Something you could almost walk down.
  • Tie off your ropes securely at the top.
  • Have the kids

7 year old

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